Hearth Green Fireplace Instructions

The Hearth Green fireplace is the perfect amenity for gatherings and relaxation. Please see the steps below on how to use the fireplace safely and responsibly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. So grab your blanket, bring some friends, and get cozy up by the fire!


  1. Begin by conducting a visual inspection of the area and assess the fireplace to ensure that there are no debris or signs of damage on any of the door panels or the fireplace itself.
  2. Grab the door handle and slide each of the four door panels open.
  3. Locate the starter timer, which is located on the north side of the fireplace. Flip the cover towards turns the dial counter-clockwise to activate the fireplace. Set the dial to the desired duration of use.
  4. Once the fireplace is activated, you may begin enjoying its warmth.


  1. If you wish to discontinue use of the fireplace prior to the designated time, please turn the dial counter-clockwise to the "Off" position. This will extinguish the fire.
  2. IMPORTANT! Before leaving the area, ensure that the fire has been fully extinguished and slide the door handle to close all four panels.

If you're unsure of any instructions or need further help, please contact Dream during regular office hours at 403-245-3515.

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